538 people have pledged 7,943 hours of service

Goal: 10,000 hours by March 23

Because organizing and mobilizing is in everyone's best interest.


Your information is confidential and will not be shared with anyone at any time. We are collecting this information so we can report the overall results of total hours pledged to the general community.

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The Call to Action is a 30-day sprint towards 10,000 new volunteer hours in the city of Detroit. It's just one part of WDET's efforts to support a rational, inclusive civil society. From our studios, we observe, we report and we convene hundreds of conversations a week. The heavy gravity of need and soaring lift of possibility is an essential truth of life in this region. Detroit's path forward is not obvious, but one thing is very clear: more committed action by more individuals toward the greatest good will make a difference. Learn more about us and our work at wdet.org.


What to do? There's no wrong answer, just pick your passion and then commit. When we asked over 2,000 SE Michigan residents what it would take to get them to move to Detroit they said they wanted to see 1) a safer city with 2) better city services, 3) more stable neighborhoods and 4) better schools. When you partner with one of these organizations you make a difference today and you make a better future for everyone in Detroit.

Make This Better

This is intended to be the largest single source of Detroit volunteer opportunities on the web. This site is a community service built using open data from the United Way and other sources. That said, it's a work in progress and is not 100% complete. That's where you come in. If you know of a charity or organization that is not on the list, please email us at calltoaction@wdet.org or tell us below.

While WDET supports volunteer efforts throughout the Metro Detroit, the inclusion of organizations outside of the city limits goes beyond the original scope for this project. If we pursue further iterations of this project, and there is a demand in the community for building a bigger map, we would likely expand our scope to encompass the entire region.